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Count Words on Menu Bar

All you need to do is just copy text.

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BarCounter is the Mac app to display the number of words/characters in the copied text on the menu bar.

“Answer the question within xxx words”, “Write more than xxx words”, “Keep the abstract within xxx words”, … There are many restrictions to overcome for resting your hands. When using Word or other text editors, it is easy to check the count of words, while when using Excel, mail apps, or online forms, it is not so easy. However, it may be helpful to quickly check the count before you lost the energy to write up. That’s why I made this app.

This app comes with the features as below:

  • Just copy the text, then you get the count of words/characters
  • Only 2 clicks are needed to change the counting style between words and characters
  • Only 2 clicks are needed to copy the count result

Because this app uses the text in the clipboard, it is able to count the text copied on iOS if you enable “handoff”. 📱

Welcome to report bug and advice

I welcome your bug reports and advice on the app including feature improvements at Support links.

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